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In Québec, the great outdoors is synonymous with fun

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

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With an expansive territory covering 1,667,926 km2 of North America, Québec is more than a quarter of Canada's total surface area. 

Québec invites travelers to explore without limits. They can connect with diverse landscapes—from snowmobiling in boreal forests to exploring the St. Lawrence Estuary and reaching the Appalachians' peaks on foot. 

Québec's evolving culture sparks creativity and invites travelers to celebrate in lively festivals, indulge in great food, and engage in captivating conversations.

Learn more about Québec with our selected themes below and say "bonjour" to planning unforgettable experiences in Québec, where each day promises a remarkable adventures.

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Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

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Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

Québec’s cities are friendly and lively, welcoming visitors to join in on the fun

Neighborhood Histories

Every neighbourhood has its history and its secrets, tucked away in every street corner. It’s up to you to discover them.

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City Parks

At any time of the year Québecers flock to the many city parks to renergize and let loose.

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Urban Art

Art abounds in Québec. With creative murals and outdoor exhibitions, urban art can be found at every turn.

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Shopping in The City

Major brands, local designers, the latest trends and classic souvenirs—shopping is a veritable sport in Québec. Ready, set, go!

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Winter Activities

Québec is a true paradise for winter activities. Its extensive snow coverage each winter is ideal for sliding sports, dogsledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing.

Click on the tabs below to explore top activities in Québec this winter!

Winter sports enthusiasts can explore Québec's paradise with over 70 ski centers offering activities from December to mid-April. 

They can enjoy modern snowparks, night skiing, and backcountry adventures. Snowboarders will find halfpipes, jumps, and top-notch equipment. 

Québec proudly boasts the world's largest lit ski area with 572 illuminated runs. After thrilling days, they can unwind with après-ski in resort areas. 

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

In Québec, your clients can revel in the joy of ice skating and sliding adventures.

Whether twirling on skates through enchanting forest paths or speeding down slopes with names like Everest and Avalanche on inflated tubes, the excitement is boundless. 

With over 40 sliding centers and numerous skating rinks, Québec transforms into a winter wonderland from mid-December to mid-March. 

Ice skating and Sliding

Your clients can swiftly hit trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing from mid-December to mid-March. With diverse landscapes, including lakes, mountains, and rivers, the Nordic scenery is stunning. 

National parks (Sépaq) offer 450 km of groomed trails, while downhill ski centers and municipal parks cater to all levels. 

The highest peaks, like Mont Gosford (1,192 m), boast a 14 km snowshoeing trail. For the adventurous, snowshoeing trails range from 100 km to 1,000 km, exploring nine tourist regions via the National Trail in Québec (SNQ). 

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Did you know snowmobiling was invented in Québec? Enthusiasts can explore 33,300 km of marked trails from mid-December to mid-March. 

The vast boreal forest and snowy mountaintops offer thrilling adventures. Fabulous restaurants line the journey, and diverse accommodations ensure a comfortable stay. 

After a day on the trails, they can unwind in a Nordic spa amidst falling snowflakes, experiencing the perfect blend of snowmobiling and winter beauty.


From mid-December to mid-March, nature enthusiasts can forge a unique connection with the snowy landscapes and a team of lively canine companions. 

Perfect for beginners, a skilled dog handler takes the reins, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable ride. Dive into extended adventures with tailored packages spanning three to seven days in Abitibi-Témiscamingue or Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean. Those craving an extraordinary expedition can explore Nunavik and Parc national des Pingualuit for an unforgettable dogsledding experience.



Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition


Québec culture is constantly evolving, drawing on its past to reinvent the present

A Glimpse Into Québec Culture

Québec's rich culture invites exploration with opportunities to delve into its creativity. Indigenous traditions unfold through dance and drum beats, offering an authentic experience. Unforgettable encounters with First Nations communities reveal vibrant ancestral cultures, showcasing the unique know-how of the 11 Indigenous nations and 55 communities across the province.

In the realm of art and culture, festivals, museums, and artisanal boutiques provide a deep dive into diverse communities, especially Indigenous cultures. Indigenous accommodations offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, whether in the city or the great outdoors. Rich legends and traditions come alive in music, art, handicrafts, and dance, with powwows bridging past and present.

Historic monuments, including UNESCO world heritage sites like Old Québec, share their stories. Friendly villages like Port-au-Persil and Champlain beckon exploration, while transformed lighthouses offer unique museum experiences.

Artistic expression unfolds in economuseums, art centers, and galleries, reflecting Québec's history, traditions, influences, and evolution. Museums such as the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and the Musée de la civilisation in Québec City present bold and original exhibitions, while science and nature shine at the Musée de la nature et des sciences in Sherbrooke and the ASTROLab astronomy discovery centre.

Nighttime becomes enchanting with Foresta Lumina's illuminated trails and unique light and technology shows retracing moments of history and architecture.

The gastronomic journey from countryside eateries to urban restaurants, led by renowned chefs, promises a tantalizing experience for taste buds season after season. For more details on Québec's flavors, click the article on the left.

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